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Condo Santin


This passito has been called this way to honor the first member of the Bortolin family (Granpa Secondo, Santin was actually his nickname) who began to produce it, with a lot of passion. Today this tradition continues, even if in limited quantities: it starts with the harvest of the finest grapes of our Glera vineyards (traditionally called Prosecco), which are delicately placed on fruit-drying racks in a well ventilated environment (known as “biaver”, that are the attics of our old rural houses) where they start a natural wilting process that goes on until the first ten days of March. Then the treading takes place which is followed by natural fermentation with a refining phase lasting from 18 to 20 months before the bottling. It has a bright golden yellow color, a very intense scent, a hint of ripe fruits and a bit of an exotic aroma. It has a full taste, it is supple, sweet and velvety, with the typical pleasant aroma of Glera grapes.

Pairings Meditation wine; ideal also at the end of meals with assorted biscuits. Storage At 12-16°C, the wine cellar temperature, it will continue to mature and improve over time. Service Temperature It will give great satisfaction if served between 15° and 18°C.

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