where Tradition becomes Passion.

When you talk about Valdobbiadene you immediately think about a territory with a strong historical identity, marked by the heroic hills that run through the DOCG area. Thanks to the combination created between the environment and the man’s hand, the territory was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019 and it has been identified as a true cultural landscape, where the winemakers’ wisdom has created a unique and unparalleled scenario.

Natural components facilitate the cultivation of vines since the first post-war years.

A favourable location characterized by unique micro-climate, the ground conformation, the soil consisting of marl and sandstone with very steep banks, give to Valdobbiadene DOCG aromas and fragrances incomparable thanks to its refined, elegant, and pleasantly persistent taste.


Guaranteed Quality.

From 1° April 2010, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore received the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, a panorama where only 44 wines in Italy are included. “DOCG” to highlight the inseparable connection between the territory and its best product.


a Superior pleasure.

In the heart of Valdobbiadene DOCG, in a small and well-defined area of 106 hectares of vineyard, grows the Cartizze Superiore, the noblest and refined part: a real Cru that is born from the perfect combination between a sweet microclimate and an ancient soil obtained from the raising of the seabed.

The sun exposure, the soft and continuous ventilation, the variation in heat between day and night, the peculiarity of the soil, and the variety of slopes make this wine clear and enchanting with unique characteristics.

In the Cartizze area, all the vineyard production processes until the harvest of the grapes are carried out manually. In this way the Cartizze arises, sumptuous sparkling wine with a particular concentration of intense aromas and flavours.

Heroic Viticulture

vocation without Time.

To cultivate a heroic vineyard means to contribute to the conservation of the environment, protecting the landscape, and maintaining the same processing techniques that are the result of long experience and tradition.

Thanks to the slope, the altitude, and the vine cultivation process the viticulture in this area is defined as “heroic”.

Vines in the Valdobbiadene DOCG area, are cultivated on slopes that are difficult to cross with mechanical vehicles. For this reason, as the tradition wants and as the philosophy of those who love this land and this work says, the harvest is carried out manually.


an hidden Treasure.

The soils of Valdobbiadene, besides having a very ancient origin, they also have significant differences a few hundred meters away. This variety is also expressed in the nature of the Spumante that comes from it, as can be appreciated by tasting a glass of Cartizze.

Le Bertole® vineyards can be recognized by the great slope. The soils are made of sandstone and conglomerates of rock and sand, which makes them very draining. This mix of materials strongly characterizes the vineyards of the area, giving life to wines that have floral and fruity aromas, a strong personality with aromatic freshness, balance, and elegance. While tasting these wines, they present themselves with good verticality and sapidity.