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Ieto Santin

Semi-sparkling wine produced with the grapes of ours farm’s vineyards. It has been the first product made by our farm and of our wine tradition. It has an intense straw-yellow colour with a very persistent perlage; its permanence on the yeast lends a typical fruity aroma and a scent of bread crust and yeast.

This wine is dedicated to Ieto Santin (Luigi Bortolin’s nickname), father of the current owner of Le Bertole, who led the birth of this business producing for the first time this brilliant wine.


It pairs properly with the entire meal but it gives its best with fish dishes.


It's suggested to store it between 8° and 10°C to favour a natural and slow maturation of the product on the yeast.

Service Temperature

To be served between 7° and 8°C. It should be decanted before serving to allow oxygenation.

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