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Extra Brut Franco


Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin

Sparkling wine with a strong dry taste, obtained from Glera grapes, harvested in the hills of Valdobbiadene in one of our most suitable vineyards. With a bright straw yellow colour, it presents a fine perlage and a soft and creamy foam. Initially, it has intense fragrances with floral and fresh fruit notes, as apple and pear just cutted; then it continues with sensations of ripe fruit, to end with citrus and bitter almond taste.

The taste is very dry due to the total absence of residual sugars, however it’s round, velvety, sapid and pleasant.


Sparkling wine with an important structure that can be tasted throughout the entire meal. Thanks to its intense flavours, it's particularly suited for rich dishes, especially with seafood or crudités. Its refinement is enhanced by the degreasing action that leaves a fresh sensation on the palate.


If stored between 12° and 16°C in a dark place, it can be really satisfying even at 2 years of age.

Service Temperature

Best served between 8° and 10°C.

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